The project partners

The project is run by the Institute for Sustainable Development (InE) in partnership with the City of Warsaw, the Union of Polish Metropolises (UMP) and Verband Region Stuttgart. The Institute for Sustainable Development (InE) has initiated the project whose main beneficiaries are the City of Warsaw (partner) and other metropolises represented by another partner – the Union of Polish Metropolises (UMP).

logo-mswThe City of Warsaw – the project partner and the main beneficiary of the project; the Infrastructure Office is directly responsible for the implementation of the project:

logo-metropolieThe Union of Polish Metropolises (UMP) – the project partner, a foundation grouping together 12 Polish metropolises, established at the initiative of the President of Warsaw in order to strengthen the partnership of the City of Warsaw with other major cities in Poland, the UMP has its head office in Warsaw,

Verband_Region_StuttgartVerband Region Stuttgart – the project partner from Germany; the institution is responsible for spatial planning at the regional level, the region covering the region in the south-western part of Germany; Verband Region Stuttgart is actively involved in the area of adaptation to climate change,